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Name Directory Official registration Rsync server,
*Rsync client
State Mirmon
Mirror monitor

AlmaLinux /mirrors/pub/almalinux Ongoing online AlmaLinux mirror list

Alpine /mirrors/pub/alpine 2020.10.02. online Alpine mirror list

/mirrors/pub/antergos 2018.05.26. online N/A

Arch Linux /mirrors/pub/archlinux 2018.12.10. online Arch Linux mirror list

Arch Linux mirrors' state

QM status

Artix Linux /mirrors/pub/artix-linux 2019.10.29. aktĂ­v Artix Linux mirror list

BlackArch /mirrors/pub/blackarch 2018.12.04. online Blackarch mirror list

CentOS /mirrors/pub/centos 2018.12.10. online CentOS mirmon

CentOS mirror list

CentOS AltArch /mirrors/pub/centos-altarch 2018.12.10. online CentOS AltArch mirrors
Debian /mirrors/pub/debian Ongoing online Debian mirror list #1

Debian mirror list #2

Debian rsync mirrors
/mirrors/pub/debian-cd Ongoing online
Deepin /mirrors/pub/deepin 2019.03.22. online Deepin repository mirrors

Deepin ISO mirrors
/mirrors/pub/deepin-cd ~2020.07. online
Devuan /mirrors/pub/devuan 2020.11.11. online Devuan mirror list
/mirrors/pub/devuan-cd 2020.11.13. online

Endless OS /mirrors/pub/endlessos 2019.10.23. online EndlessOS Mirrorbits

EPEL /mirrors/pub/epel Unregistered online Epel mirror list

Gentoo Linux /mirrors/pub/gentoo 2023.09.06 online Gentoo mirmon

Gentoo mirror list

Gimp /mirrors/pub/gimp Ongoing -
no response...
online GIMP official mirror list

GNU /mirrors/pub/gnu 2017.02.26. online GNU FTP mirror list

GNU Alpha /mirrors/pub/gnualpha online GNU Alpha mirror list

(Non)GNU Savannah /mirrors/pub/gnusavannah online (Non)GNU Savannah mirror list

(Non)GNU Savannah mirmon

HardenedBSD /mirrors/pub/HardenedBSD Ongoing online HardenedBSD mirror list

IPFire /mirrors/pub/ipfire 2017.01.23. online IPFire mirmon

Kali Linux /mirrors/pub/kali-images 2019.01.12. online Repo mirror list

Image mirror list

Kali mirrors' status
/mirrors/pub/kali 2022.04.27. online

Kicksecure /mirrors/pub/kicksecure 2022.10.20. online Kicksecure mirrors

LibreOffice /mirrors/pub/tdf/libreoffice 2016.12.28. online LibreOffice mirmon

Linux Lite /mirrors/pub/linuxlite 2018.08.20. online Linux Lite mirror list and state

Linux Mint /mirrors/linuxmint 2016.11.27. quantum-mirror.hu::linuxmint online Linux Mint ISO and repository mirror list
/mirrors/linuxmint/iso online
/mirrors/linuxmint/packages ~2017.05.24. online

Mageia /mirrors/pub/mageia 2019.12.03. online Mageia mirror adatabase

The state of the Mageia mirrors

Manjaro /mirrors/pub/manjaro 2017.01.26. online Manjaro mirmon

MSYS2 /mirrors/pub/msys2 2020.10.09. online MSYS2 mirror list

MX Linux


antix Linux
/mirrors/pub/mx-linux 2018.12.03. online MX Linux mirror list

antiX Linux ISO
repository list

MX ISO mirmon
MX package mirmon

openSUSE /mirrors/pub/opensuse 2017.02.22. online openSUSE mirmon

openSUSE status

OPNsense /mirrors/pub/opnsense 2020.02.07. online OPNsense mirror list

Parabola /mirrors/pub/parabola 2020.09.29. online Parabola mirror list

The status of the Parabola mirrors

QM status

Parrot /mirrors/pub/parrot 2019.01.05. online Parrot mirror list

Porteus /mirrors/pub/porteus Ongoing -
no response...
deleted Porteus mirror list

Qubes OS /mirrors/pub/qubes 2018.09.20. online Qubes OS mirror list

Raspbian /mirrors/pub/raspbian 2018.08.22. online Raspbian mirror list

Rocky Linux /mirrors/pub/rocky 2023.11.09. online Rocky Linux mirror list

Runtu /mirrors/pub/runtu 2019.01.04. online Runtu mirror list

Siduction /mirrors/pub/siduction 2021.03.12. online Siduction mirror list

Slackware Linux /mirrors/pub/slackware 2018.08.25. online Slackware mirror informational site

Slackware mirror list

SolydXK /mirrors/pub/solydxk 2019.12.06. online Solydxk mirror list

Tails /mirrors/pub/tails 2019.01.04. deleted N/A

Trisquel /mirrors/pub/trisquel 2017.08.02. online Trisquel mirmon

TurnKey Linux /mirrors/pub/turnkeylinux 2020.02.17. online Turnkey Linux mirror list
Ubuntu /mirrors/pub/ubuntu 2018.12.17. online Ubuntu archive mirrors

Ubuntu CD mirrors
/mirrors/pub/ubuntu-releases online
/mirrors/pub/cdimage.ubuntu.com deleted

Ufficio Zero Linux /mirrors/pub/ufficiozero 2021.02.22. online Ufficio Zero Linux mirror list

/mirrors/pub/uhu Unregistered online N/A

UHU-Linux-UBK /mirrors/pub/ubk 2020.09.28. online N/A

Void Linux /mirrors/pub/voidlinux 2020.06.30. deleted Void Linux mirror list

Whonix /mirrors/pub/whonix 2020.04.20. online Whonix mirror list

Zorin OS /mirrors/pub/zorinos 2021.07.26. online Zorin mirror list


*The sync source and time of each distribution/project can be viewed by placing the mouse pointer over the rsync server modules.

Help with interpreting sync times.

The actual size of the distributions and projects can be found here and the half yearly updated summary list is available here.


Currently supported protocols:    IPv4, https, http, rsync